How to Transfer Videos to iPod?

The use of iPod device is one of the best ways to watch video online. However, there are people who want to stream videos whenever they want so it requires them to download and save the videos they want.

So, if you want to load your iPod with lots of videos for you to watch during your free time, now, you can enjoy watching videos and movies on your iPod at whatever format you want. All you have to do is learn how to put videos on iPod and use the appropriate methods to make your video watching great!

Please note that you may think that the video conversion programs can do that but this is not a wise method.

The 3 Methods to transfer Videos on iPod

Following are the three ways to help you put or download videos to iPod:

  1. Buy from iTunes Store and Sync to iPod

The first method is to visit the iTunes store and choose the videos you want. In iTunes, you will have the opportunity to choose the best video you like since they can offer you huge numbers of videos available in their store and select the genre that suits your taste.

Whatever kind of video you are looking for, it is available to buy and can be played in your iPod. Once you are done choosing videos, start now to download it and pay the video, connect your iPod to iTunes and choose the video you want and sync it to your iPod.

  1. Import the Supported Video from Computer to iTunes

In this process, you need to open iTunes then select the movie you wanted. Once you are done selecting videos on iTunes, choose the File import to allow the movies be imported to iTunes. Now, select the video by clicking it and choose the select advance so you can convert your selection on your iPod.

Another way you can do is to right click on the video file icon then choose the necessary option like choosing new file for you to sync the video. Then, you can sync your own iPod with iTunes and enjoy the results it provides.

  1. Use Software and Convert the File Supported by iPod

There are available options to choose from when converting your files to iTunes. However, you need to learn first the type of format you want to play videos in your iPod such as mp4, m4v or mov files. You can use Apple software to convert your file in a friendly manner.

To effectively use it, download the Quick time player and install. Now choose the import video you want and choose file export. In your export list, select the movie to iPod then new file will be created in your desktop. You can import this file in iTune and sync to your iPod.

These three methods will serve as your best way to put videos on your iPod. But keep in your mind that you should always use new version of software and always use third-party application if you have mixed video.

On the other hand, if you want to go for free movies to download, choose wisely the app store and save your cost while you sync on iTunes. What are you waiting for? Choose the right method on how to put videos on iPod now and experience the fun and real entertainment it will offer in you during your free time.